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The Neostrata ProSystem Peels barnsley

The Neostrata ProSystem is available at Roundwood HEalth Clinic in Barnsley.

This award-winning system boasts to be a highly effective, superficial peeling system which is used by medical skin care professionals. The products have had full clinical trials and they are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Treatment programmes are designed specifically to meet your individual needs.

The Neostrata ProSystem utilises 3 different alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), glycolic, citric and mandelic acids which are found naturally within sugar cane, fruits and almonds.  Most skin problems are associated with the excess build-up of dead skin cells that make the skin look thick and dull and may cause clogged pores. AHAs help loosen and remove the dead surface layers of the skin to exfoliate and smooth skin, stimulates new cell turnover encouraging anti-aging effects in the deeper layers of skin.


This peeling system can help:

  • the skin appear healthier
  • smoother, plumper and diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • even-toned skin and lightening discolourations
  • diminish appearance of pore size
  • improve skin tone and texture
  • reduce the appearance of blemishes in acne prone skin
  • visual softening of shallow acne scars
  • increased skin glow and radiance.


AHA peels are often comparable in their results to some deeper peels, without the complications.


What to expect

You will have a medical pre-assessment with the Advanced Nurse Practitioner to ensure this treatment is appropriate for you.

You will be advised to use Neostrata Re-surface or Skin Active products containing glycolic acid, for 2 weeks prior to your peel. This will be provided during your initial consultation.


On the day of your peel

Please arrive at your appointment with a fully cleansed face. If possible, without any make up, perfumes, aftershave being applied to the area to be peeled. If this is not possible then your appointment may just take a little longer.

Ideally avoid shaving the area to be peeled for 4 hours. For men who have fast beard growth, you can shave on the morning of the peel. If you have chemically dyed your hair recently, it is advisable to have washed your hair at least once prior to the peel.

The Neostrata Prosystem Peel

A cleansing product will be applied to your skin in preparation for the peel.

The peel will be applied with a soft brush. Some people may experience slight discomfort such as tingling, heat-sensation, stinging. Be reassured that your Advanced Nurse Practitioner will be constantly observing your skin for any adverse reaction.

At the appropriate time (approximately 5 minutes) a neutraliser will be applied to your face via a spray to end the action of the AHA peel. During the neutralisation process, any warming sensation that has been experienced may increase momentarily followed by a decrease in the discomfort over time (few minutes to a few hours). It is important to know that not everybody feels this and it is no indicator of the results you will achieve.

Post-peel treatment includes application of the Neostrata Bionic Face cream or serum. Clinical trials have proven this is an advanced antiaging treatment providing intense hydration and skin-smoothing effects without irritation. It helps calm irriatated skin and reduces redness.

You will also be provided with a tube of Neostrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 23 for when you will be outdoors.

When your skin returns to normal (within 1-3 days) you can then return to your recommended Neostrata skincare regime.

How you may feel after the peel

Initially may feel red and a little sensitive. Few patients experience stinging, burning, itching, mild discomfort, peeling to the superficial layer of the skin. These are normal and expected results. It is also important to remember that unlike other peels, you do not have to see flaking or peeling of the skin to achieve the desired result.

You may notice your skin feels a little rough for a couple of days due to enhanced exfoliation/light peeling.

Many people experience fresh, clean, glowing skin post peel and the short term

Results are a bonus as the aim of the peel treatment is long term skin health through a course of treatments and excellent award winning home skin care regime.

Recommended Neostrata products for your daily skin care regime will be advised by your Advanced Nurse Practitioner. The products can be purchased/ordered by her directly.

The Neostrata ProSystem peels are refered to as ‘lunchtime peels’, as they are a quick procedure to perform and they require very little recovery time.