Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley. Roundwood Health Clinic Ltd

Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley

At Roundwood Health Clinic we offer Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley. Want to find out more about these therapeutic techniques that can help you relax and promote health and wellbeing? Keep reading!

Shiatsu in Barnsley

Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapeutic technique which can both relax and invigorate receivers depending on their need. Its principle intention is for prevention, working to address the root cause of a problem, rather than merely the symptoms. It draws not only on the physical aspect but also the mental, emotional and spiritual needs, which when in balance, maintain a good level of health and wellbeing.

Although literally meaning ‘finger pressure’, the soul of Shiatsu is communication through touch. To truly meet the needs of the receiver, Shiatsu cannot be achieved solely with technical skills and intellectual study. To be effective, it requires sensitivity to both feel and positively influences the quality of energy existing within the receiver’s body.

Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley. Roundwood Health Clinic LtdIt can be performed in various positions; flat, side, prone or sitting, and is traditionally conducted on a futon, but easily adapted for a massage couch or chair. The receiver remains fully clothed and is advised to wear something warm and comfortable.

The techniques used to balance the energy flow, while also improving circulation, flexibility and overall posture. Pressure and contact are applied appropriately using hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. 

Shiatsu is widely recommended for the treatment of common ailments (below) as well as offering an effective addition to the management of long term health conditions such as:

Muscular Tension

Back Pain

Joint Pain





Disturbed Sleep

Shiatsu in Barnsley is at Roundwood Health Clinic on Dodworth Road.

Reiki in Barnsley

Reiki was founded by Japanese Sensei, Mikao Usui, in early 1900. It is a system of self-development, whose spiritual principles offer students a path to spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment.

Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley. Roundwood Health Clinic Ltd

Simply, it involves the practitioner intuitively channelling energy, to where it is most needed. Unlike other complementary therapies, the Practitioner training is not centred on healing techniques, but more a lifelong effort, encompassing a system of rules, mindfulness, symbols and empowerments. The techniques used are both simple and pure. Often described as palm healing or ‘hands-on-body healing’ it involves the practitioner placing their hands lightly on or over their receivers body to facilitate the process of self-healing. Reiki offers a safe, gentle, yet powerful therapy, enabling a more laid back and positive approach to life, and better ability to cope.

It can have a profound effect on clearing out both physical and emotional blockages that have been deep-rooted, invigorating the receiver with a renewed sense of hope, direction and inner peace.

Reiki is recommended for all, regardless of age, condition or suffering.

If you are interested in Shiatsu and Reiki in Barnsley please get in touch with us here at Roundwood Health Clinic Ltd.  01226 282560

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