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Everyday we take our feet for granted and with each step we take three times our body weight goes through our feet.  It’s little wonder that so many problems can occur in our feet, some of which can cause debilitating foot pain.

Podiatry at Roundwood Health Clinic

But worry not, our Podiatrist at Roundwood Health clinic is at hand to deal with all your foot related issues. With over 10 years of  experience, there is nothing they can’t deal with from something as simple as just nail cutting or advice on the correct technique to more complex issues such as ulcerations, verruca’s and ingrowing toe nails, you can be rest assured all of these issues can be treated with care and expertise.

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The most common foot problems can sometimes be avoided by the correct advice and professional treatment.  Nail cutting is something many of us have done countless times throughout our lives but are you cutting your nails correctly? Or do you have difficulty reaching your feet? Or can you simply not cut your nails because they are too thick?

If you are unable to carry out the task of cutting your nails correctly, then there is the potential of causing problems such as ingrowing toenails, bacterial infection or fungal nail issues.  This can be avoided by booking an appointment with our Podiatrist. Other more complex issues such as corns and hard skin, verruca’s and cracked heels can also be treated easily and painlessly. Corns are generally caused by a pinpoint of pressure, often due to ill-fitting or inappropriate footwear. Or some functional issues that are occurring when walking that are causing pressure. Corns and calluses can be removed professionally by a Podiatrist and can have your feet feel like you’re “walking on air”.

This is also true for the treatment of cracked heels. With regular visits to a Podiatrist the pain and discomfort of cracked heels can be solved.

Verruca’s are a common problem, particularly in children as often they are barefoot at school or the swimming pool.  But verruca’s can be passed on to adults and can be more difficult to treat.  Over the counter remedies are often ineffective but here at Roundwood Health Clinic our Podiatrist offer a more effective alternative treatment, that is easy for them to apply and painless to you.

All these common foot problems and more can cause pain and discomfort which can impede on our daily life, causing issues with doing the things we enjoy.

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So if you are suffering with any type of foot pain, or you’re concerned with something you have on your foot and not sure what it could be, or if you simply wish to give your feet a little MOT then contact us here at Roundwood Health Clinic and our HCPC registered Podiatrist will be happy to help.

So put your best foot forward and book an appointment today and give yourself “HAPPY FEET”.

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