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Neurophysiotherapy – An ongoing success story

Karen Hey is our neurophysiotherapist who specialises in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions and care of the elderly. In this article, she discusses one of her patient’s ongoing journey to better mobility.

Mr. S’s physiotherapy story

I met Mr. S in February 2018, and over the months we have had much fun and laughter carrying out a variety of exercises and activities, some of which include the following:

  • practicing standing up, and sitting down
  • stepping alternate feet
  • standing balance
  • turning on the spot
  • kicking/dribbling with a football
  • picking up objects from floor
  • squats
  • step-ups
  • kneeling
  • getting up from floor (with much laughter and experimentation)
  • penguin walks (more laughter)
  • walk with 3-wheeler, and then walking stick
  • steps and stairs – with some help
  • walking outdoors, including around garden, uneven ground, slopes, kerbs
  • standing on one leg
  • making cup of tea (and cooking for himself with supervision).

Did I mention Mr. S is 83 years old? Oh, and did I mention he had a stroke in August 2016?

When I first met Mr. S. he was walking with a zimmer frame with the assistance of one person, went upstairs on a stairlift, used a removable ramp to get outside in his wheelchair (with help from family), and had carers 4 times daily, including overnight.

He is now walking with a stick and supervision, indoors and outdoors (but is still more confident with his 3-wheeler). He can do steps to get out into his garden and has done a full flight of stairs inside. He can make a cup of tea and has made his own evening meal, with someone else present. His fear of falling has reduced because he now knows how to get up off the floor if he has no injuries.

Before we met, Mr. S never even considered attempting to carry out normal, daily activities by himself, but he is now planning things he can do, including, hopefully, going on a coach holiday in the summer. Mr. S’s family have commented on his improvement in mood, and how much he looks forward to his physio sessions.

As others of similar age are deteriorating, and becoming less active, Mr. S is feeling fitter, his balance is better, he is more dynamic, and his general cardio function has improved.

It’s never too late to start, and in Mr. S’s case….we haven’t finished yet!

What does the patient and family have to say?

“Hi, I am sending this email regarding Karen following the positive impact she has had in helping my father. My father suffered a major stroke 2 years ago. The result was so severe that he initially had to be harnessed out of bed. We did receive NHS physio treatment at home for about 12 months with limited success. Due to demand the help from the physios ended and I, in turn, contacted Karen. Karen comes to Dad’s once a week and her input have had fantastic results. Just last week he walked with his walking aid and walked an amazing 140 meters. Karen always goes the extra mile and comes to us with new ideas and exercises. This has helped take dad to the next level in recovery. Dad always looks forward to seeing Karen and she has been a major player in his progress”

2019 Update

The goal this year was to be able to weed his garden. We’ve tried every which way of bending, kneeling, sitting but couldn’t get there.

So we decided to go for hoe in standing…and it works extremely well. He works his balance and strength without even thinking about it. The feeling of achievement and satisfaction for both of us is immense, particularly as he is 2.5 years post stroke.

We’re continuing to work together for more lifestyle changes.

It’s never too late to try.

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