If you’ve run or watched any sporting events on television in recent years you’ve likely noticed the fluorescent strips taped on some athletes’ legs, knees, ankles or shoulders. This special tape is called Kinesio tape (you may hear it referred to as “KT tape” but that’s just one brand) and it is used for medical reasons. Kinesio tape is said to ease the pain, reduce inflammation, support muscles and boost athletic performance.

Kinesio tape can be used by physiotherapists to treat patients’ with the following:

  • muscle imbalance
  • postural insufficiency
  • circulatory and lymphatic conditions
  • ligament, tendon and joint injuries
  • facial adhesions and scars
  • pathological movement patterns

It is a therapeutic taping method using a specially designed elastic tape which moves with you that enhances the function of many different tissues. Physiotherapists have the advantage of continued therapeutic benefit between clinic visits as the tape can be worn for an extended period of time, and yes it will withstand having a shower or showers!

The photo below shows one of our patients whom we applied KT tape too following a muscle tear in his forearm. You can see the dramatic effects on the reduction of his bruising when the tape was removed a week later …..

Kinesio Tape Barnsley - Roundwood Health Clinic Barnsley

If you would like any further information on Kensio taping or to book an appointment please call the clinic on 01226 282560. We also have Kinesio tape in stock to buy for very competitive prices.

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