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Injection therapy BARNSLEY

Roundwood Health Clinic is based in Barnsley and provides a range of treatments including ultrasound scans and injection therapy in conjunction with Injection Clinic.

Ultrasound scans can help to identify tissue that is inflamed or damaged and allow the clinical team to prescribe the most effective treatment. Injection therapy is an effective treatment for suppressing inflammation and can provide excellent pain relief.

By using ultrasound to guide the injection into the correct place the risk of injection therapy is reduced and the benefits are optimised. Injections for joint and tendon problems are typically Corticosteriods, however other substances such as Ostenil can be used. The first stage however is to establish an accurate diagnosis and this can be made during your clinical assessment.

What conditions can injection therapy be considered for?

• Joint degeneration / Osteoarthritis of the knees, ankles, toe joints, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints.
• Hip pain caused by Trochanteric Bursitis
• Shoulder pain caused by shoulder impingement of frozen shoulder.
• Pain caused by irritation to a tendon. Common tendon problems include Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, thumb tendons (Dequervains) and the Patella Tendon (Jumpers knee). Pain can also be generated from tendons around the foot and ankle.
• Heel pain or Plantarfasciitis responds well to ultrasound guided injection therapy.

How do I prepare for an injection?

There aren’t usually any special preparations you need to make before injection therapy. Plan to wear comfortable clothing which allows easy access to the affected joint. Towels and shorts are available at the clinic if required. Driving is not usually recommended immediately after an injection but it may be possible in some cases. Please ask your health professional for further advice. After an injection we would advise 3 days of relatively light activity.

What happens after an injection?

It may take several days before you feel the full benefit of the injection. Roundwood clinicians also emphasise the need to address any underlying mechanical problems including correcting your posture and the way in which you move (muscle patterning). This is essential if long term benefits are to be gained.

With degenerative changes a person may experience a flare up of symptoms. Along with their long term exercise programme, an acute episode of joint inflammation and associated pain experience can be eased with injection therapy. The most injections we would advise are 3 per year.

There is no problem with having an injection prior to your holiday or an important life event. A wedding or birthday party can be much more enjoyable when your experience of pain has been reduced!

For more information or if you have any questions please speak to your physiotherapist.