IASTM and Cupping Therapy In Barnsley

IASTM and Cupping Therapy in Barnsley

This post is all about two treatments that can be highly effective yet you may have never heard of. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) and Cupping Therapy which are available at Roundwood Health Clinic in Barnsley.

Before we jump in I would like to tell you a little more about me, I’m Karen Landmore-Birch and I practice Sports Massage Therapy at Roundwood Health Clinic Ltd in Barnsley. I’m level 3 and level 4 qualified and use a number of tools, along with my hands, to elicit the body’s own healing response.

Two therapies that many people know very little about are IASTM and Cupping Therapy. So what are they? Keep reading to find out.


IASTM Involves using what are known as “blades” but actually these are not sharp at all and contra to popular belief do not leave grazes on your skin. This method works on the person’s nervous system and benefits can include; reduction of pain, speedier recovery and promotion of postural awareness. Ultimately this allows for better movement and promotes a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Cupping Therapy IN BARNSLEY

Cupping therapy (also a form of myofascial release) – Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a message. This therapy was first documented between 281 – 341 A.D. and the cups were actually animal horns, thankfully we have moved on since then. The cups I use are silicone, plastic or glass and benefits include; increased deep tissue repair, activation of the lymphatic system and promotion of blood circulation.

Potential side-effects to this method include ‘Cup Marks’ which I must stress are NOT bruises and are not painful. They are caused by a vacuum effect when the cup is suctioned onto the skin causing the skin to rise. These will fade over a couple of weeks.

As with all forms of massage therapy, there will be particular contraindications which mean these treatments are not for some. This is another reason why I carry out a consultation with each client, which also allows for a client tailored treatment plan to be created and implemented.

To find out more about IASTM and Cupping Therapy in Barnsley you can call Roundwood Health Clinic direct on (01226 282560) or book online via the website.

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