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Facial revitalisation therapy barnsley 

Facial Revitalisation Therapy in Barnsley. Look and feel fresher!

With no chemicals this therapy is unique in it’s ability to treat both inside and out.

Body treatment is used to correct health imbalances, promote detoxification, reduce general puffiness and ease stresses so that vitality and wellbeing is seen on the face.

A minimum of 7 treatments is required for long lasting changes and for the quickest results it is recommended that the first 4 of these are twice weekly and the remainder weekly. Most people continue treatment then on a much less frequent basis to maintain and further improve the results and also for the benefit to their health and wellbeing.

There are some contraindications for this treatment, therefore, if you have any on-going health problems please contact us so you can discuss them before booking an appointment. It is also recommended that you leave at least 6 weeks after Botox before starting this treatment.

Please contact us on (01226) 282560 to book an appointment. Book a course of 7 treatments and save £50 when paid in advance.