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Counselling in Barnsley 

Feeling Down? Need to talk? Looking for counselling in Barnsley? Roundwood Health Clinic can help.

Talking to someone can help you gain a better understanding of your experiences within your world.

If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings, lacking in confidence, feeling stressed and anxious, feeling low about yourself, struggling from bereavement, relationship problems, and stresses at work, talking to someone can support you to manage the difficult feelings and experiences you are having.

Counselling at Roundwood Health Clinic

My name is Sarah; I am a qualified therapeutic counsellor and member of the BACP. I provide a non-judgmental, respectful and supportive environment. I provide counselling in Barnsley at Roundwood Health Clinic.

I believe the quality of the relationship between myself and my client is paramount to the therapeutic work. A positive relationship ensures you will be heard and respected, allowing you to find a better understanding of yourself, at your own pace.

I offer a safe and private confidential space where you can talk and be heard with the aim of developing positive, stronger internal resources and resilience, therefore empowering you to find a more fulfilling life.

How I work

My work is underpinned by my person-centred training, although I also work using an integrative approach drawing upon other methodologies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, (CBT) to enable the client to find strategies to help them cope with how they feel.

Every client is different and therefore all sessions are tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Is counselling right for you?

If you are uncertain whether counselling is right for you, I would encourage you to get in touch. We can speak on the phone and then meet for an assessment, here we can discuss your needs and you can decide if you feel that counselling would be beneficial to you.

How many sessions will you need?

Some clients work on a short term basis, and others have long term therapy, you are at the centre of your therapy and this is decided by you. There is no obligation to have a set number of sessions when you decide to end your sessions, we will work together to ensure that your therapy is ended in a supportive way.

Client groups that I work with

Young people age 16 and above, adults and older adults

Areas of counselling I work with

As a therapist, I have several years’ experience and I have worked with wide-ranging and diverse issues, I understand that the issues people face are complex and affect people in different ways. I have experience working with the following issues:

Asperger’s syndrome,
Attachment Disorder
Autism, Bereavement
Carer Support
Emotional abuse
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Learning Difficulties
Low self- confidence
Low self-esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder
Physical abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Post-natal depression
Pregnancy and Birth
Relationship problems
Separation and divorce
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Work-related stress

What I offer:

I offer a free initial 15-minute telephone consultation followed by half price first session. However, some people prefer not to have the telephone consultation and want to meet in person to discuss the issues they are facing, this is fully respected. You are the centre of your therapy and this is decided by you.

During the first session, my aim will be to understand the issues that bring you to counselling in Barnsley and to explain to you how I work. You can decide if I am the right counsellor for you and if our space feels right for you.

Please note that I will not be able to work with you if you are receiving ongoing therapy from another counsellor/therapist or agency.

Therapy begins with an initial assessment, during which I will gather further information and we can discuss what you would like to gain from your therapy, what issues you feel you want to work on/resolve and how you want to move forward with your life.

During our work, a periodic review will be conducted usually between the 6-8 sessions point. This puts you in the centre of your therapy, providing you with an opportunity to reflect upon the therapeutic work that is being conducted and how you want your therapy to proceed.

I also take on work through insurance companies and employee assistance programmes to provide therapy to employees.

Training and qualifications

• BSC Hons Degree Psychology
• Postgraduate Certificate in counselling skills
• Postgraduate Diploma in therapeutic counselling
• Postgraduate Certificate in understanding autism
• Postgraduate Certificate in awareness of mental health issues
• Postgraduate Practitioner Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Training
• Using creativity as a therapeutic tool
• Attachment
• Working therapeutically with psychosomatics
• Safeguarding Children.


I have over twenty years’ experience of working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors, voluntary, education, public and private, I understand the complexities and the issues that can arise when working within these environments. If you feel that you are suffering from work-related stress, I can work with you to help you find strategies and bring balance back into your life.
I also have extensive experience working with and supporting parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities, working within the field of family support. I understand the complexities that come with supporting, caring for, loving and bringing up a child with special educational needs and/or disability. Through my experiences I am able to be supportive, empathetic and provide knowledgeable therapy, to help you work through your feelings and allow you to talk freely and explore the difficulties that you are facing.
I am experienced in working with and counselling adults with autism and understand the daily issues that are encountered. When I work with an individual with autism I work in a person-centred way, working with the individual on how autism affects them and looking at ways to improve quality of life and an individual’s general well-being.

If you would like to learn more about counselling in Barnsley at Roundwood Health Clinic, please do not hesitate to get in touch 01226 282560.

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