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Complimentary Therapies in barnsley

Roundwood Health Clinic is based in Barnsley and provides a comprehensive range of complementary therapies. Complementary therapy is known by many different terms including alternative therapy, alternative medicine, holistic therapy and traditional medicine. A wide range of treatments exist under this umbrella term. Complementary therapies are systems of healthcare that treat the whole person and not just the symptoms of their disease.

Modern medicine is increasingly aware of these techniques. They are often based on traditional knowledge, which is why there is sometimes less scientific evidence available about their effectiveness. Sometimes, they are less invasive and more cost-effective than conventional medical treatments, although are often used at the same time.

Complementary therapies share a few core beliefs including:

  • Illness occurs if the body is out of balance.
  • The body can heal itself and maintain a healthy state if given the right conditions.
  • The whole person should be treated, not just the disease or the symptoms.
  • There is no quick fix, since healing and balance take time.
  • Natural products are preferable to synthetic ones.


At Roundwood Health Clinic we offer the following therapies:

All our practitioners hold qualifications for their chosen therapy and maintain regular training.

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