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What is Botox?

If you are interested in Botox in Barnsley, you have come to the right place.

 Botulinum Toxin was first used in 1973 to correct eye squints.  It was recorded during these procedures that wrinkles were diminished an excessive sweating was reduced.  These beneficial treatments then became widely used in both general medicine and cosmetic treatments.  Botox is a derivative of this botulinum toxin (the chemical produced by bacterium clostridium botulinum).  When injected into the muscle, the neuromuscular transmission is blocked thus weakening or inactivating the muscle.  In other words, it works by stopping the chemical message passing via the nerve to the muscle telling it to contract.

As facial muscles are used to show expression, gradually over time repeated use of muscles causes the skin to crease, forming lines.  During the aging process collagen and elastin production slows and overuse of the muscles become damaged and lines become permanent.  Botulinum toxin reduces this movement allowing the skin to stop being creased and allowing it to recover, soften and even fade away.  Botulinum toxin temporarily inactivates the muscles (always reversible) allowing the opportunity to reduce the overuse of the muscles.  Depending on the individual needs and the dose used, the response to treatment can range from a relaxation of the muscles (natural appearance ) to the inability to move the muscles.

Initially, frequent treatments are required over the first couple of years to re-educate the facial muscles (no more frequent than 3 monthly is recommended).  However, eventually, it will be expected that an annual maintenance dose will normally be the treatment for most people.

What happens during the consultation?

During your initial consultation with our advanced nurse practitioner, you will be asked about your medical history, whether you are currently taking any medicines, and whether you have had any facial treatments in the past.  You may also be asked your expectation of the treatment results.  An initial photograph will be taken of your face and your consent gained to proceed with the treatment.

How is the treatment carried out?

After evaluating your lines, our advanced nurse practitioner will clean the areas for treatment.  The Botox will be injected with a very fine needle into the muscles in the areas of the lines to be treated.  The injections should not cause too much discomfort and usually takes around 15 minutes to perform.  You will be provided with written advice on Botox aftercare and offered a follow up appointment at 2 weeks by your practitioner.

When will I see the results?

People can respond differently to treatment and it can take between 4-10 days for the muscles to relax.  The effect can last three to four months after the injection.  The treatment effect gradually wears off, so repeat treatments may be needed to maintain the effect.

Where can Botox be used?

Our advanced nurse practitioner has completed an advanced Botox course under the training of a plastic surgeon.

It can be used for moderate to severe vertical lines between the eyebrows when frowning (glabellar lines) and moderate to severe crow’s feet lines.

Prices start from £180 and there will be a supplement of £50 if more product is required.

If you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to contact Roundwood Health Clinic or call us on (01226) 282560 to book your consultation.